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May 30, 2007

VRM: a new prospective

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As time goes by Internet technology is maturing, online transactions have become part of day-to-day life. However, efforts have been underway to discover new ways, to make online shopping easy, comfortable and more pleasant. Efforts are to device methods and tools to give more control and option to online surfer and to build strong supply demand relationship. This new concept known as ‘Vendor Relation Management’ (VRM), will be the future of online shopping and going to change the way we do online transactions.

One of such efforts led by Doc Searls and his team from Harvard’s Berkman center, is to bring VRM in reality. They have put forward a project to support and implement VRM. Although it is early stage of development, there is lot of momentum towards VRM. They have identified six common characteristics of proposed VRM system: system should be user centric, able to reuse existing technology, create value for every one in chain, should be highly scalable, able to build strong relationship and should be able solve real word problems.

Today online user has to navigate from one site to other site in search of a product or service (eg airline ticket). In typical VRM system, user will have to establish online identity. This identity management system will have Identity provider who will create and authorize a user. There will be Servicing party who will accept user credentials from Identity provider and will provide service after authorization. For example, a shopper will be provided with virtual cart after authenticated by Identity provider, identity will be carry forward and authorize by sites during navigation. Shopper will get access to participating sites and its content. Shopper’s shopping experience will be made more easy and productive with advance search engines.

VRM concept is at early stages of development, however it has potential to change the way we do shopping on Internet.

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May 29, 2007

Leadership and project management

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“Strong leadership is not always necessary to successfully complete project”. Agree or disagree?         

Today’s project environment is very dynamic and demanding. Apart from Project management processes there are various external factors influencing project execution. Whether it is small project or medium large project, it involves humans of different skills, mentality and organization culture. There is strong competition, technically as well as to grow faster in team members. Team members work under tremendous pressure and tight deal lines. Organizational politics play major role in project management.

            In practice, however, it is observed that no matter how rigid your project processes are, no matter how your project reporting structure is, project mostly driven by strong leadership, either by project manager or member of team or a team as a whole. Strong leadership comes from people who really have desire to implement changes, meet goals to help organization achieve its strategic goals and vision. Strong leadership requires to sort of technical as well as other project issues which might seen as possible barriers. Strong leadership crosses boundaries of organization to get possible solution for showstopper issues. Strong leadership needs to keep team in spirit, to keep them focus on project goal, strategy and vision. Strong leadership challenges team and gives spirit for bright future. Strong leadership makes all possible attempt to make project a successful.      Even small project of few members have differences between them and it has seen that project gets drag beyond schedule due to failure in people management. In contrast, it is very common in bigger organization to have members working on multiple projects on time-share basis. In this situation it is very common for team members to take project schedule lightly. It is very common now days to come across issues due to acquisition or lay of to loose team member or support group members. Strong leadership plays important role to drive project in these situation. Leadership plays important role resolve technical, people, cost and time issues.

            Strong leadership is required or it evolves, whether project is small or big, because an individual always exists in a team who really want to see other part of world, that success. There is no measure of leadership, small or big, little or much, what matters is desire to succeed. For each successful project there exists strong leadership.                 


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