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November 16, 2009

Recruitment process

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The recruitment process is a critical process in an organization. This is the process which is a part of building healthy and stronger organization. The process of recruitment varies depending upon size of organization, nature of type of business and type of open positions for new recruits. This is the process which affects both organization who is recruiting and new recruit who is going to be part of organization. Therefore, process of recruitment has special importance in building competitive and leading organization in the business word.

            The process of recruitment starts with a business need to have a human resource to manage and execute business tasks. Generally hiring manager seeking new resource puts together business requirements; justification such as implications to business and how new resource will add value to business. The hiring manager also lay outs detail job description stating skills required, base location and urgency for new recruitment. In some organizations there are pre allocated positions allocated to each business group whereas some organizations have recruitment board to review need for additional resources and skills required. In large organizations there are also a quota allocated for fresh college graduates.

            The hiring manager works close with human resources (HR) representative (recruiter or hiring agent) during recruitment process. Once new recruit position is approved, HR representative starts process of search for a candidate for skills required. The process of approval for new recruit position can vary across organizations. There are various avenues and approaches available to search for appropriate skilled candidate among pool of candidates. This really depends on urgency of recruitment, type of position and expense or budget approved that position. For example, to hire an executive, HR representative might appoint outside agency to screen and interview candidates. However, for other positions there might be candidates available internally. In some organizations positions are listed on their internal portal to find internal candidates. Also, larger organizations are always in process of receiving external candidate profiles through their corporate portal and therefore maintains centralized database of resumes which can be searched and available for hiring manager. Some organizations have paid corporate account on global job search engines like, and so. In case of smaller organization like a startup company word of mouth plays important role to find out candidate through colleagues and friends. Job fares, business related conferences and workshops also introduce future candidates.

            The hiring manager goes through candidate profiles received for opened positions. In some organizations members of recruitment committee does review of these profiles. Members of group reporting to hiring manager and other members from broader group can also be asked to screen resumes and grade candidates. Then, short listed candidates are called for personal interviews. In some cases, either hiring manager or a group does screening telephonic interview to short list candidates for personal interviews. Personal interview can take several rounds. First round might include an objective test based on skill requirements and can be based on questions to judge personal workplace behavior. Next round of interview can be with broader team including team with which candidate is going to work with. In some organizations hiring manager considers team members feedback and ratings for candidate. Involving more people to screen candidate helps hiring manage to choose best candidate suitable for job as well as minimizes any future risk which may arise due to any issues associated with candidate after hiring. Before offering job offer, HR representative runs background checks and does personal referral checks. For executive positions this is very critical step to review candidate’s past experience and achievements. Background checks and personal references give hiring manager a peace of mind and confidence about his or her decision to hire candidate.

            Generally in final personal interview hiring manager goes over pay package and benefits with candidate. If agreed final offer is made either personally or through mail. Candidate is given a period of couple of days to review and accept an offer. Once an offer is accepted by candidate, joining date is decided and position is marked as filled or closed.

            Hiring a candidate is very crucial task, particular when business is very conservative about incurring extra cost of adding a head count. This is also crucial from the point view from new recruit who leaves existing job and tries to assimilate into new job environment for better future. It is also vital from hiring manager point of view to mentor and positioned newly hired candidate to fulfill business needs. In many organizations, failure to recruit appropriate candidate turns out to be costly particularly candidates hired at higher executive positions. Therefore, the process of recruitment works as a check post to bring right candidate inside a company for better future.


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