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June 1, 2007

Copyright protection law and copyright period

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Sole purpose of Copyright protection law is to protect intellectual property of authors and creative works produced by artist, prevent misuse of it without proper permission and compensation. However, time has change, world has changed so much that any new technology or invention finds variety of applications in general life. These new applications are very well accepted and used by community. For benefit of community, it is essential that creative work, publications and other intellectual properties are easily available to people.

            Copyright protection law is made for individual and businesses, which has put energy, efforts and resources to create copyrighted work. It gives benefit to them for their hard work and time to get sufficient reward for their work. Creative artist create new work, authors write articles and books with their own intelligent and experience. This law protects such work by preventing copying or producing duplicate work by others without proper permission. This is biggest advantage of this law, which inspires people and business to continue creating new things.

            By extending term of Copyright law applicable for individuals as well as for corporations, creative work and publications are protected and may have limited access to public for long time. Businesses have to wait to explore these copy right protected work till it comes to public domain, or pay for copyrights to reuse work. One of best example is availability and price affordability of Disney DVDs to common public. Till today Disney DVDs are still expensive for common man. Disney has copy right protection for its characters for years and years. There are good technical white papers from scientist, music tracks, literature that can be made easily available to public and can be useful for new inventions and other developments. In the world of technology advances and wide spread of Internet, increase in term for Individual Copyright Act and Corporate Copy rights, delays availability of intellectual property for public. Otherwise interested party has to pay huge amount of money to get opportunity to use copyrighted material.

            In reality, copyright period should be reduced to a reasonable amount of time, keeping aside political and personal benefits.

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